Past projects

Raised patio and garden area

  • The customer moved into her new house and wanted a garden area where she could plant all of the plants she brought from her old property
  • Built a raised paver patio, where she could enjoy her garden and use it as a work station
  • No new plants were bought for this project all were transplanted from customers old property
  • Requested no lawn as she didn’t have a lawnmower

Multi-level flagstone patio

  • The customer had an unusable back yard with lots of grade changes, he wanted a multi-level flat patio area
  • Filled in and built up the yard to create a flagstone patio sitting area
  • All material used was requested to be natural stone

Patio & raised garden

  • The customer had a pretty blank bark yard that they wanted to be able to use to have guests over as well as an area for their kids and dogs to be able to enjoy.
  • Created a patio and a raised garden area
  • Planted low maintenance perennials and left areas for them to plant a vegetable garden
  • Finished off with sod for a spot for their dogs

Custom pergola & patio

  • The customer wanted a shaded patio area under their existing mature trees
  • Patio stones chosen were Abbotsford Flagstone
  • Pergola was built with slats on top to filter light.
  • The customers did a great job of finishing off the area once we were done with their own plantings