Best landscaping practices

landscaping services list

What you can expect a landscaping services list to look like

  1. Lawn maintenance and installation

    We provide landscape installation in the Fraser Valley which includes; turf, mulch, and leveling. Every project is different the best advice would be to get in touch so we could go over it in more detail. For contact information, you can see our services page to get in touch.

  2. Retaining wall installation

    This could be a valuable landscaping service when looking to reclaim more usable space in your yard.  With multiple styles and stone types, we will find the right fit for your project. Retaining walls can seem daunting, but rest assured we make the process easy. To learn more about what a project would entail check out our informative landscaping blog.Walkway installation

  3. Garden installation

    Working with your budget we will create a seasonal horticulture arrangement that fits your yard style. Proper horticulture creates an eye-catching statement that will give your outdoor space an added boost. Additionally, garden installation makes our landscaping services list as somewhat of a passion project. See our about page to learn more on why landscaping is what we love.Landscape contractor water feature installation

  4. Water feature installation

    Further, we provide a variety of stone water features to add some tranquility to your outdoor living space. We also offer pondless water features which are versatile and can be implemented in a variety of locations. Many times we have seen these installations be the bright point in our client’s backyard restoration/renovation. Landscape contractor water feature installation

  5. Snow removal services

    Another niche in our landscaping services list includes snow removal. To preface, landscaping and snow removal companies can go hand in hand depending on the area you live in. Furthermore, surprise snowstorms are often the case in the Fraser Valley, which is why it is important to be prepared. Finally, always monitor the weather so you don’t get suprised. Landscaping snow removal

Landscaping and snow removal companies

Landscaping and snow removal companies can go hand in hand depending on the area you live in. It is good business to utilize the seasons to your advantage as an independent landscaping company.

Why snow removal? 

Firstly, to understand why a landscaping and snow removal company would be one and the same you need to know some prerequisites. Landscaping companies use various machines to help with the general labour portions of jobs. These earthmoving machines can include

  • Skid Steers
  • Bobcats
  • Mini excavators
  • And more

Is it starting to seem like these could be used to move more than just dirt and trees?

The seasons play a part

Secondly, working in areas like the Fraser Valley as Brunatti Landscape Contracting does, brings some seasonality issues. Many of our clients require routine maintenance of their property during the Summer, which means some work dries up in the Winter. In addition, large retaining walls and paving stone projects are more easily executed in the Summer. For these reasons, snow removal can be a viable means of revenue through Winter.

What if it doesn’t snow?

This question is almost entirely why landscaping and snow removal companies can be one and the same. Snow removal is by no means the main source of income of a landscaping contractor, but more of a supplement. Because the machines are already owned and operated, it only makes sense to use them as much as possible to counter expenses such as depreciation. Snow removal contracts are negotiated in advance so that when the weather permits, landscaping and snow removal companies can act.

Landscaping and snow removal companies


To conclude, we have covered the whys, hows, and whats of landscaping and snow removal companies. The machines and operators are in place to do the work needed. There is time available (typically) in the contractor’s schedule. And if weather permits, the snow removal contracts will be fulfilled. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a snow removal company near you this Winter.

Preparing for a landscaping project: helping the landscaping contractor

You hired a landscaping contractor to clean up your outdoor space, build a retaining wall, or anything in between. You may live in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, or a nearby area in the Fraser Valley. To ensure the project moves as smoothly as possible, there are some vital steps you can take to make the landscape project, and more importantly your new yard, a masterpiece.

First off when working with a landscape contractor

Firstly, you want to make sure you have researched basic materials and have a general idea of your project. In the Fraser Valley, there are a lot of different landscapes, and giving your landscape contractor an idea of what you want could go a long way Secondly, you want to make sure that the landscaping company has an area to park and transport machines as well as supplies like turf, topsoil, or paving stones. If you don’t have machine access you may be needing to increase your budget due to the work being done by hand.

Clear the way for the landscape supplies

Reducing transit time will significantly increase the speed of the project and get your outdoor space looking like the envy of the neighborhood in no time. Finally, depending on the size of the project, and assuming you haven’t already spoken about this with the landscape contractor, make sure there is at least a four-foot gap for machine access. There are many small properties us at Brunatti Landscape Contracting have worked at where we have had to significantly postpone a project due to lack of machine access.

Landscape turf installation

We service the Fraser Valley’s Landscaping needs

Keep these things in mind when thinking about your next landscaping project and hiring the right contractor in your area. Of course, anytime we quote a job for you a Brunatti Landscape Contracting representative will let you know all the necessary steps you can take to ensure a smooth makeover for your outdoor living space.