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Landscaping ideas for your backyard

It’s the new year, you are tired of Winter, probably bored, and now you’re thinking about sitting in the sun in your backyard. Have you ever thought about landscaping ideas for your backyard? Maybe your use of space could be better, maybe you could open up some usable space. It’s a good thing we have you covered here, or for a summary, check out our past projects page.

General maintenance

The first landscaping idea for your backyard will probably involve routine maintenance. Moreover, you cant use your yard if it’s a jungle. You would be surprised how many times we have laid some turf down, trimmed some hedges, removed a couple of small shrubs and the space is entirely different. Always remember that routine maintenance can make a world of difference when working with your outdoor space.

Patio installation

Patios provide a great way to improve the usable square footage of your backyard, there are a few methods we can go about this. Firstly, if your yard is quite hilly we can use a raised patio technique. This provides a nice flat area to enjoy all year round. The remainder can be used as a garden or second level. 

Secondly, a multi-level patio could be used on a hilly area to provide two (or more) separate flat areas to use. An example of a multi-level patio can be seen on our projects page. When thinking of landscaping ideas for your backyard you can always inquire about your local landscaper, they have done many jobs and may have a better solution to your particular problem.

Finally, a raised patio with ornamental garden can heavily reduce any labor in the future. If you are busy and have little time to spare this could be the option for you. Likewise for an older demographic who physically can’t take care of their yard all the time anymore.

Raised patio

Retaining wall installation

Additionally, similar to a raised patio a retaining wall can increase your usable space for kids, pets, or entertaining. Retaining walls may also be used to install a raised garden for agricultural or ornamental purposes. You would be surprised how much space can be salvaged with the installation of a retaining wall. 

Turf installation

Do you have a grassy area that refuses to grow, inhibiting any kind of landscaping idea for your backyard? You may not like it, but you most likely need to install new turf. In fact, if the grass is exposed to toxic chemicals over a prolonged period of time the roots can become contaminated and die. This is why your grass isn’t growing. The only solution would be to tear it up, as well as, remove the soil and start all over again. On the bright side, this could be a great opportunity to tackle an entire makeover adding any one of the great services Brunatti Landscape Contracting offers.


Don’t be afraid to consult a professional regarding the landscaping ideas you have for your backyard. They are experienced, willing, and able to design and build the outdoor space of your dreams. Take a look at our past projects page for some more ideas and get in touch.

landscaping services for the spring

The Winter can be grueling in the Fraser Valley. On dark and stormy days with little daylight, the last thing you are probably thinking about is your yard. This could be the perfect time to start thinking about landscaping services you may need for the upcoming Summer. At the very least it could take your mind off the Winter.

Winter landscaping clean up

Winter clean up

The long Winter brings wind, rain, snow, and everything else it can wrangle up to try and ruin your outdoor space. Often times the first calls we get are to simply clean up debris. Over the course of the Winter large branches and leaves can get everywhere, many times it is simply too big of a cleanup for people’s spare time. Being equipped with everything from snow clearing equipment to mini-excavators, the clean-up process is one of the many landscaping services we gladly offer.

Spring remodeling

Once the Winter clean-up is all said and done there is an infinite amount of landscaping services available. Moreover, with a clean slate, our customers more often than not get ambitious. For example, we have worked many debris clean-up jobs only to be followed up by a patio installation or turf installation. Not only does the clean up provide a clean slate, but also a blank canvas of sorts where our services can be showcased. Finally, you can see a raised patio with a garden area we installed for one of our many happy customers.

Raised patio installation

Larger landscaping projects

When looking into larger landscaping services such as retaining walls, paving stone patios and turf installations the Winter/Spring months are best. There are a few reasons for this, we will cover the basics here. Firstly, availability wont be as likely an issue. Landscaping services, although varying, are largely seasonal. You snow clear in the Winter, maintain turf in the Summer and so on. Tackling a large installation project in the Winter or early Spring can be a way around scheduling conflicts.

Secondly, you probably aren’t using the space due to the weather! No one likes sitting beside a construction site, its noisy and can be an eye sore. If you choose to tackle a larger project in the Winter you can stay inside and away from the noise. In addition, you will have more time to use the new and improved space in the Summer.


We have covered a small but relevant list of reasons to look at landscaping services before the Summer. From booking availability as well as the convenience of using a landscaper adding to your own free time. The important thing to remember is that Summer goes by quickly, you are best to look at what landscaping services you need sooner rather than later.

landscaping services list

What you can expect a landscaping services list to look like

  1. Lawn maintenance and installation

    We provide landscape installation in the Fraser Valley which includes; turf, mulch, and leveling. Every project is different the best advice would be to get in touch so we could go over it in more detail. For contact information, you can see our services page to get in touch.

  2. Retaining wall installation

    This could be a valuable landscaping service when looking to reclaim more usable space in your yard.  With multiple styles and stone types, we will find the right fit for your project. Retaining walls can seem daunting, but rest assured we make the process easy. To learn more about what a project would entail check out our informative landscaping blog.Walkway installation

  3. Garden installation

    Working with your budget we will create a seasonal horticulture arrangement that fits your yard style. Proper horticulture creates an eye-catching statement that will give your outdoor space an added boost. Additionally, garden installation makes our landscaping services list as somewhat of a passion project. See our about page to learn more on why landscaping is what we love.Landscape contractor water feature installation

  4. Water feature installation

    Further, we provide a variety of stone water features to add some tranquility to your outdoor living space. We also offer pondless water features which are versatile and can be implemented in a variety of locations. Many times we have seen these installations be the bright point in our client’s backyard restoration/renovation. Landscape contractor water feature installation

  5. Snow removal services

    Another niche in our landscaping services list includes snow removal. To preface, landscaping and snow removal companies can go hand in hand depending on the area you live in. Furthermore, surprise snowstorms are often the case in the Fraser Valley, which is why it is important to be prepared. Finally, always monitor the weather so you don’t get suprised. Landscaping snow removal

Landscaping and snow removal companies

Landscaping and snow removal companies can go hand in hand depending on the area you live in. It is good business to utilize the seasons to your advantage as an independent landscaping company.

Why snow removal? 

Firstly, to understand why a landscaping and snow removal company would be one and the same you need to know some prerequisites. Landscaping companies use various machines to help with the general labour portions of jobs. These earthmoving machines can include

  • Skid Steers
  • Bobcats
  • Mini excavators
  • And more

Is it starting to seem like these could be used to move more than just dirt and trees?

The seasons play a part

Secondly, working in areas like the Fraser Valley as Brunatti Landscape Contracting does, brings some seasonality issues. Many of our clients require routine maintenance of their property during the Summer, which means some work dries up in the Winter. In addition, large retaining walls and paving stone projects are more easily executed in the Summer. For these reasons, snow removal can be a viable means of revenue through Winter.

What if it doesn’t snow?

This question is almost entirely why landscaping and snow removal companies can be one and the same. Snow removal is by no means the main source of income of a landscaping contractor, but more of a supplement. Because the machines are already owned and operated, it only makes sense to use them as much as possible to counter expenses such as depreciation. Snow removal contracts are negotiated in advance so that when the weather permits, landscaping and snow removal companies can act.

Landscaping and snow removal companies


To conclude, we have covered the whys, hows, and whats of landscaping and snow removal companies. The machines and operators are in place to do the work needed. There is time available (typically) in the contractor’s schedule. And if weather permits, the snow removal contracts will be fulfilled. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a snow removal company near you this Winter.

Landscaping FAQ

Faq’s when working with landscaping companies

How much does a landscaping service cost from a landscaping company?

For starters this can vary, landscape cleanups in the spring or fall are typically $500 – $1500. Lawn care, which includes weekly mowing and edging, is usually $40 – $80 per week. Additionally, full landscape maintenance is $125 – $300 per month on a year-round basis.

How do landscapers charge?

It is important to keep in mind that landscaping companies operate like any other. Like most things landscaping, there is no be-all, end-all price unless you are doing routine maintenance.

What all does landscaping include?

Landscaping services can range from mowing a lawn to snow clearing, yes snow clearing. Moreover, Landscaping companies are well adapted to handle many large projects you may have including paving stone driveways, Allan block retaining walls, and water feature installation.

How much does simple landscaping cost?

The cost of a standard landscaping project is around $49.50 per hour. Simpler landscaping jobs can cost as low as $40/hr while bigger projects can cost you roughly $55/hr. Therefore, rates fluctuate according to the size and complexity of the task.

What is a good budget for landscaping?

The important thing to remember when hiring a landscape contractor or a landscaping company is you get what you pay for. You won’t get a million-dollar back yard for $500. Be realistic and feel free to ask the landscape contractor any questions you may have.

Can you negotiate with landscapers?

Put simply, it is better to not haggle with professionals. For instance, landscape contractors are professionals with years of experience. Landscaping companies across the Fraser Valley pride themselves on quality of work and again, you get what you pay for.

Should I tip my landscaper?

When it comes to large projects the landscape contractor or landscaping company should already factor in their markup when it comes to compensation. 

Is landscaping hard work?

Landscaping involves working in all weather conditions. Subsequently, it involves working under the sun and in most times, on your knees with soil on one hand and sweat trickling down both eyebrows. It also requires creativity, dedication, persistence, and a love of plants and the earth.

Is landscaping worth the money?

Over 75% of real-estate agents say well-landscaped homes are worth anywhere from 1% to 10% more than homes with no landscaping. In addition to the rising cost of homes in Vancouver, hiring a landscaping company is a no brainer.

Why 2021 is the best year to remodel your yard

2021 could be the year to call a landscaping company to remodel your yard. With all that has happened in 2020, the importance of having a home escape has never been more real. Here are some services you could expect from Brunatti Landscape Contracting.

The process when working with a landscape contractor

If you are having trouble working with your outdoor space it may be time to call a landscape contractor. Sometimes seeing solutions can be difficult, especially when working with the terrain in the Fraser Valley. Luckily landscaping companies like Brunattia Landscape Contracting, are experienced and equipped to help. Finding solutions can be difficult sometimes, but using a professional landscape contractor can streamline projects and make the use of your outdoor space as efficient as possible.

Retaining walls from landscaping companies

Firstly, when thinking about remodeling your yard you should keep in mind you may not be using the space as efficiently as you could be. One of our most popular services is retaining wall installation. When you hire a landscape contractor to build a retaining wall you will get a professional and durable end result. This will open up previously unusable space and/or create a larger level area for entertaining.

Water feature installation

Additionally, landscaping companies can also install water features. The long summer days can be some of the best to enjoy your backyard. Why not make it a little more of an oasis by installing a water feature? Typically, it is smart to get your landscape contractor to install a water feature as they are already working with the space. Simple tricks like hiding cables under gardens or turf are staples for landscaping companies. The real value comes from the seamless cover-up post-installation giving you the wow factor and tranquility you are looking for in your home.

Is your turf dead or sparse?

Landscape turf installation

Finally, no one likes a dead lawn. Everyone knows landscaping companies can install turf, but when should you call one for turf installation? If your lawn is dead or growing very sparsely the soil may be contaminated. This can happen from spilled chemicals or even from pets alone. Adding and seed could take years for the lawn to recuperate, it would be far more efficient to call a landscape contractor. The landscaping company you use will remove all the contaminated soil and replace it with fresh, healthy turf. You can see an example of this in the picture above. 

Build your own getaway at home to escape everyday life

In conclusion, 2021 could be the year to revamp your outdoor space with a landscape contractor. Firstly, using retaining walls to make your usable space bigger is a foolproof way to make room for guests or kids. Secondly, water features installed by a landscaping company will add some serenity to your already glowing yard. Finally, a fresh new layer of turf will be the exclamation mark on your masterpiece, growing healthy and lush for years to come. 

If you have any questions on booking a job for the Spring feel free to contact Brunatti Landscape Contracting to see how we can help you.

Patio installation

Giving the landscape contractor parameters to work in

Firstly, when hiring a landscaping contractor for a large landscaping design job in South Surrey. Or a small job, it is crucial you have a good idea of the task at hand. Landscaping projects in Surrey, landscaping projects in Langley, and across the entire Fraser Valley all have many different avenues for success.

Landscaping in Surrey? Find a similar landscaping project you like

Brunatti Landscape Contracting focuses on projects in Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Likewise, we also service landscaping needs in Surrey, BC as well. The Fraser Valley has many different terrains which in turn means more possibilities for projects. Second, When hiring a landscape contractor, you can research similar projects you like to give them an idea. Now, they have a clear vision they can work more efficiently. There are many industry wikis for landscape ideas, check some out here, or check out some of our own projects here.

Have an appropriate budget

With Surrey, BC being such a populated area it can be difficult to access some projects. Keep in mind-machine access brings down costs as it reduces labor time. Landscaping in Surrey does not come without its benefits, with many properties close together under strata it can be very efficient for quick maintenance. Landscaping project in Surrey BC complex below.

Landscaping Surrey

Landscape design in South Surrey

South Surrey can render some larger properties which can also be subject to some larger design projects. It is important in this case more than ever to have a firm idea of what you need. If you give the landscaping contractor a clear path, they can design the outdoor living space you have always wanted. If your landscape design project is subject to rolling hills, thick weeds, or large stones be budget aware. Further, water features, paving stone, and retaining walls can all be more costly when compared to regular turf as well. The important thing is a professional landscape contractor is handling your landscaping in Surrey. When professional landscapers do a job it will show in the best of ways.

Preparing for a landscaping project: helping the landscaping contractor

You hired a landscaping contractor to clean up your outdoor space, build a retaining wall, or anything in between. You may live in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, or a nearby area in the Fraser Valley. To ensure the project moves as smoothly as possible, there are some vital steps you can take to make the landscape project, and more importantly your new yard, a masterpiece.

First off when working with a landscape contractor

Firstly, you want to make sure you have researched basic materials and have a general idea of your project. In the Fraser Valley, there are a lot of different landscapes, and giving your landscape contractor an idea of what you want could go a long way Secondly, you want to make sure that the landscaping company has an area to park and transport machines as well as supplies like turf, topsoil, or paving stones. If you don’t have machine access you may be needing to increase your budget due to the work being done by hand.

Clear the way for the landscape supplies

Reducing transit time will significantly increase the speed of the project and get your outdoor space looking like the envy of the neighborhood in no time. Finally, depending on the size of the project, and assuming you haven’t already spoken about this with the landscape contractor, make sure there is at least a four-foot gap for machine access. There are many small properties us at Brunatti Landscape Contracting have worked at where we have had to significantly postpone a project due to lack of machine access.

Landscape turf installation

We service the Fraser Valley’s Landscaping needs

Keep these things in mind when thinking about your next landscaping project and hiring the right contractor in your area. Of course, anytime we quote a job for you a Brunatti Landscape Contracting representative will let you know all the necessary steps you can take to ensure a smooth makeover for your outdoor living space.